June 4
Are Traditional Data Center Power Protection Metrics Good Enough? (Washington, D.C.)
Is it enough to just evaluate data center power protection costs as a trade-off between power efficiency and system reliability? What are the new total cost of ownerships (TCO) models – beyond discounting CapEx against ongoing OpEx power efficiencies – that give data center managers more control – and options – in designing power systems.
June 25
The Japanese Energy Sector: Distributed and Deregulated
Japan's regulated energy sector is poised to undergo major reforms that could yield significant opportunities for a variety of stakeholders.  The current energy sector, dominated by ten vertically integrated utilities that supply more than 90% of the country's electricity, is vulnerable to system inefficiencies.  The proposed reforms will deregulate the electricity market establishing a national electricity grid, expanding the wholesale electricity trading market and introducing real-time pricing.  The three phases of the reforms are expected to be completed by 2020.  The expert panel will discuss:  market opportunities for independent power providers, distributed energy resource providers, and software providers in the evolving energy landscape; the evolution of the utility business model in a deregulated market; and what could be learned from the electricity deregulation precedent in the United States.    

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