January 28
Energy Interview Day
This closed-door event will enable industry professionals to share their thought leadership on current energy topics and market trends through recorded interviews. Video clips from the interviews will appear in featured content on AGRION Intel, GridMarket.com, and AGRION's YouTube Channel, AGRION Interviews.
February 11
How to Optimize the Pricing Structure for Customers with Distributed Energy Resources?
The pricing structure for customers with distributed energy resources (DER) is often quite complicated. Net metering and standby tariff rates both have established pros and cons. Both have encouraged greater adoption of distributed energy resources and the increased proliferation of these assets reduces the strain on the grid. However, pricing structures in both cases have been shown to lead to less than optimal market conditions. Net metered customers can credit the energy they don’t use to their next utility bills or sell excess energy back to the utility company. With electricity rates also bundling fixed infrastructure costs, net metered customers are avoiding those fixed costs leaving that financial burden to the utility company and non-solar customers. Forty-three states and Washington D.C. encourage net metering. There is also evidence that DER customers may be overcharged or undercharged by standby tariff rates, depending on their state's policy, resulting in market failures. Net metering and standby tariff rates are both imposed by state policies. How can these rates be designed to provide fair and equitable pricing structures that optimize system efficiencies? One possible solution could be instituting a transactive tariff policy.
February 11
Green Business Programs: Connecting Policy with Practice (Webinar)
Join us for an interactive online discussion with Cascadia Consulting and the City of Seattle's Office of Economic Development as they share their experiences in launching one of the most comprehensive approaches towards leveraging public and private partnerships to drive sustainability across the business community.
February 16
NAATBatt 2015 Annual Meeting & Conference, Energy Storage: Electrifying the Future
The National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries (NAATBatt) will hold its 2015 Annual Meeting & Conference at The Wigwam Resort in Phoenix (Litchfield Park), Arizona on February 16-19, 2015. The Meeting & Conference is the premier business development event in North America for professionals working in the electrochemical energy storage supply chain. The Meeting & Conference will start on Monday, February 16 with a special event: the First Annual Advanced Battery Golf & Tennis Tournament. The 2015 Annual Meeting & Conference will start the following day, on Tuesday, February 17. The two-and-a-half day program is designed to help delegates identify new revenue opportunities in the business of electrochemical energy storage technology and make new connections in the industry. The NAATBatt Annual Meeting & Conference is the best opportunity you will have this year to understand where the business of electrochemical energy storage is going and where the best commercial opportunities in the industry will be.
February 26
Energy Storage Task Force / GridMarket.com
This upcoming closed-door Energy Storage Task Force meeting will review developments made on GridMarket.com, New York's online energy storage platform, since the October 2014 meeting. Formalized in August 2013, this working group created GridMarket.com to operate as an informational platform and digital marketplace for New York City's energy storage market. Previous Task Force meetings have reviewed the site's content, functionality, user experience and outreach strategy to targeted participants. This winter meeting will evaluate the progress made since the October meeting as well as further refine the site's development and outreach strategy. The group will also discuss additional energy storage initiatives in New York City.
March 25
Cleantech Investor Cocktail
Cleantech professionals will mingle with investors and other industry insiders at this Cleantech Investor Cocktail. At this cocktail reception, attendees will meet to informally discuss the cleantech investment landscape, market trends and opportunities for market growth. Industry professionals in energy storage, microgrids, solar, other distributed energy resources and cleantech investors will be present.

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