April 30
Accelerating the Transportation Infrastructure: The Future of Autonomous Vehicles
Autonomous vehicles are no longer reserved for sci-fi. Ford CEO Mark Fields remarked “In the next five years, you’ll see somebody introduce autonomous vehicles.” The technology may be nearing market readiness, but the regulations for driverless vehicles lag behind. Currently, only four states have legislation permitting operation or testing of automated vehicles under certain conditions. What the implications will be on transportation infrastructure and policy are still being realized. Learn more about the road ahead for autonomous vehicle at this discussion.
May 5
Are Traditional Data Center Power Protection Metrics Good Enough? (Washington, D.C.)
Is it enough to just evaluate data center power protection costs as a trade-off between power efficiency and system reliability? What are the new total cost of ownerships (TCO) models – beyond discounting CapEx against ongoing OpEx power efficiencies – that give data center managers more control – and options – in designing power systems.

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