June 3
Reshaping the NY Energy Market: Overview & Implications of REV Order
On February 26, 2015, the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) issued an order adopting the regulatory policy framework and implementation plan for the Reforming the Energy Vision (known as “REV”), a sweeping state-wide energy initiative intended to address and improve a less than optimal energy system in New York State.  In New York, grid utilization is approximately 60%, and the trend is worsening due to peak loads growing five times faster than base sales of electricity, as well as line losses in the 7-8% range.  Additional concerns include increasing use of gas-fired generation leading to insufficient fuel diversity, and a shrinking customer base with losses of customers to different types of on-site distributed generation. 
June 4
Are Traditional Data Center Power Protection Metrics Good Enough? (Washington, D.C.)
Is it enough to just evaluate data center power protection costs as a trade-off between power efficiency and system reliability? What are the new total cost of ownerships (TCO) models – beyond discounting CapEx against ongoing OpEx power efficiencies – that give data center managers more control – and options – in designing power systems.

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