Terms of Use
A member is defined as any person who has created a personalized account on Agrion.org. A member may publish information online, join the Communities and network with other AGRION members, but agrees to respect the terms and conditions of use described below, especially the obligations outlined in the responsibility clause.
AGRION reserves the right to suspend the account of any member who does not respect these conditions, with no possibility of opposition from the offending member.
Authenticity of Personal Information
By creating an account, a member confirms that he or she is giving authentic personal information. Any attempt at identity posturing or theft will be reported immediately to the police of the country concerned.
Registered E-mail Address
AGRION is a professional network. As such, the member must provide a professional e-mail address that corresponds with his or her company’s domain name. All e-mail addresses hosted on public servers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!…) are not accepted and will prevent a potential member from completing his or her registration.
The Communities are an online platform for members to network and share information and research on specific economic, technical and scientific topics. While referencing information published on Agrion.org is available to all members, active participation such as publishing articles, uploading documents, and participating in forums is reserved for selected Community members. Only members whose professions are related to the specific Communities will be selected for full access.
To request membership, visit the Community of interest and click on the request link.
Content Responsibility
Agrion accepts responsibility only for content written by its employees and/or contractors. Agrion acts only as a host and moderator, and cannot be held responsible for any content written by members or third parties. The member is accountable for all his or her posted and uploaded content.
A member’s page functions like a blog. The member thus has sole responsibility for any information he or she publishes on his or her page. This refers to the publishing of content on AGRION's pages, on the member’s own page, on contacts’ pages, as well as in the Communities. Every member agrees to follow a number of rules regarding etiquette and respecting fellow members. Members must not:
  • Defame or libellously bring question to an individual or company’s honor or reputation.
  • Publish information without the original author’s consent
  • Use forums for personal or commercial purposes
The member is authorized to publish information on AGRION's home page, provided that the content adds true value to the public’s interest.
Disregarding these rules will lead to the immediate suspension of the concerned party's account and/or his or her right to publish on the home page without recourse and compensation.
AGRION Services and Membership
Creating an account and managing a professional network is free of charge. All other services with added value such as participation in online and onsite meetings, access to event reports and videos, and premier networking features are exclusively for AGRION members. Please see About AGRION for more information on membership.