Agrion is a global business network for energy, cleantech and corporate sustainability launched in 2007. With offices in San Francisco, New York, Frankfurt, Paris, and Beijing, and an international community of more than 200,000 industry professionals, AGRION provides a platform for members to connect, exchange ideas, and identify business opportunities.
Each office hosts weekly onsite and online conferences to facilitate face-to-face networking and online collaboration with industry leaders. Agrion hosts international conventions in Europe, China and the US, and its website contains updated information and reports about the energy markets and sustainability best practices.
Agrion also launches, manages and supports ventures and projects in renewable energies, smart grid, EVS, energy efficiency and sustainability.
1- Task Forces

A Task Force is a group of members, especially user companies or large corporations, that focuses on one specific topic in which their company is involved.

Each Task Force comprises of:

• A series of meetings held at each Agrion location (San Francisco, New York, Paris, Brussels, and Beijing)
• An official state-of-the-art report, based on approximately 80 interviews with managers from user companies, describing the current status of the market and presenting buyers needs and state of mind. The report will be presented to the public and to the media during a conference organized in each country.
The current Task Forces are:
• Solar Energy
• Wind Energy
• Bio Energies
• Smart Cities Strategy & Leadership
• Mobility & Electric Vehicles
• Green Building
• Energy Storage
• Smart Grid & Microgrids
• Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing
• Energy Efficiency in Facilities
• Energy Sourcing (Production & Trading)
• Corporate Sustainability Strategy & Leadership
• Supply Chain
• Ecodesign & LCA
• Data, ESG & Reporting
• Marketing & Communication
• Socially Responsible Investing
All AGRION Task Forces are global.
2- The CSO Program
Agrion assembles the Chief Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Officers from the largest corporations in the world in order to:
• Share best practices and work on regulatory issues
• Contribute to concrete sustainability projects dedicated to consumers
and media.
CSOs are invited to join in the Agrion Energy & Sustainability Summit in New York on February 19 & 20 2013
3- International Conventions
January 30, 2013
Brussels (Be)
• Energy Policies and Major European Projects: Solar, Wind and the Smart Grid
• Smart Cities and the EV
• Sustainability Regulations and Initiatives
February 19 & 20, 2013
New York (NY)
March 19, 2013
San Francisco (CA)
April 9 & 10, 2013
New York (NY)
June 12 & 13, 2013
Beijing (CN)
June 19 & 20, 2013
New York (NY)
4- AGRION Projects 
There are two categories of Agrion projects:
1. Projects originated by Agrion for which we assemble a group of suppliers, investors, and entrepreneurs. We are the initiator, catalyst, and investor. Once the project has reached maturation, we systematically transfer its management to the senior entrepreneurs involved.
2. Projects created and managed by others that Agrion supports by locating partners, distributors and customers in all areas where we run a community. Agrion acts as facilitator and accelerator.
Regardless of type, all of the projects we launch or support are global or have global ambitions.
The current list of projects originated by Agrion:
- The Agrion Microgrid Demonstration Project
The Agrion Microgrid Demonstration Project was launched in September 2012 by the Agrion San Francisco team in collaboration with over a dozen energy technology providers including Panasonic, eMeter (Siemens), GE Energy, Xtreme Power, Aclara, and PG&E. The aim is to build (and demonstrate) an international
Microgrid application that will provide substantial rewards in energy savings,
security, and interoperability.
Companies and institutions currently involved in the Agrion Microgrid Demonstration Project: Aclara, Arup, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), DNV Kema, eMeter (Siemens), G.E. Energy, General Microgrids Inc., Growing Energy Labs Inc. (GELI), Homer Energy, Horizon Energy, Joule Assets, Morrison & Foerster, NEDO Silicon Valley Office, Panasonic, PG&E, PricewaterhouseCoopers, San Francisco Department of Environment, Silver Spring Networks, SK Telecom Americas, Smart Grid Library, Trilliant, UC Berkeley, Viridity Energy, Xtreme Power.
- Agrion PanAsian Grid
The Agrion community in Beijing is by far the fastest growing Agrion presence. The Agrion PanAsian Grid is an example of grid optimization fit for the entire Asian continent, with China serving as the operation and coordination center. The Agrion PanAsian Grid is currently assembling the industry leaders who play a major role in the modernization of Asia’s electricity grid. 
- Agrion Smart City Network
Agrion brings together the governing offices of each of its headquarter cities (San Francisco, New York, Paris, Brussels, and Beijing) in order to create the first global network of sustainable cities. These six capitals will constitute the core of the Agrion Smart City Network, and we will rapidly aggregate other large agglomerations around the world.
The aim of this network is to:
1. Define a Framework for Smart and Sustainable Cities
2. Share Best Practices & Lessons Learned
3. Launch Concrete Projects
The Agrion Smart City Network will thus be a project incubator with its city members playing the role of testers, stakeholders, and users.
- Agrion Energy Storage Initiative 
The largest utility companies are members of Agrion: RWE, EDF, E.On, ConEdison, ENEL… All these companies work on energy storage, which is indispensable for the integration of renewable energies onto the grid. The Agrion Energy Storage Initiative aims to accelerate the development of energy storage technologies and drive market success by identifying the storage and smart grid applications that will contribute to the growth and progress of the energy sector.
- EV Fleet Accelerator
Anyone who thinks EV adoption should happen at a faster rate must pay attention to the potential of professional fleets. The EV Fleet Accelerator program congregates the fleet and transportation managers of major companies and collectivities who own and manage professional fleets in order to encourage them to go electric. What are the conditions to push part or all of one’s fleet towards electric vehicles? What models fit best with fleet managers? What is the ROI of electric integration? This project will result in a white paper and a multi-language website dedicated specifically to fleet and transportation managers.
- The Agrion Energy Optimizer
The Agrion Energy Optimizer addresses one single but powerful objective: producing more with less energy and/or with energy coming from alternative sources including those that can be developed by the company itself. Microgrids, for example, are an integral component of energy savings and management.This project is made up of two components:
1. A Productivity Framework defining the best ways to save energy, and share experiences on small power plant and microgrid solutions.
2. A web-based platform which allows energy buyers to ensure that their energy consumption and purchase prices are at the lowest possible rate. Agrion is thus assembling energy buyers and “Chief Energy Officers” from the largest manufacturers and service companies around the world in order to define this framework, share experiences and spotlight the technologies needed to get the job done.
- Net Zero Energy Building Framework 
Agrion is bringing together the facility owners and managers of some of the largest sets of buildings in the world in order to define a framework for net zero energy buildings. The project is comprised of:
• Interviews
• A White Paper
• Best Practices
• An Agrion Label
- Cleantech Investment Hub 
The Agrion Cleantech Investment Hub aims to identify investment opportuni­ties in the Cleantech industry, provide insights to assess such projects and help build investment pools. This is a funnel dedicated to project sourcing, a collaboration platform for stakeholders from the innovation sector, and alternatively, an investment vehicle. Agrion itself agrees to invest money in the projects selected and developed. These projects will also take advantage of the Agrion Network: Agrion teams help companies find customers, partners and distributors in the major markets where we run a business community.
- TCS – Tomorrow’s Consumption Standard
Green Products, Waste Recovery, Recycling, Sustainable Supply Chains…Agrion engages with several of the leading manufacturers and retailers to define a new standard of consumption in the consumer market, a standard that will be compatible with consumer satisfaction, corporate development and sustainability. This project will result in a widely publicized white paper and an application (a collaborative website) for producers, retailers and consumers contributing to the implementation of this standard.
5.  Who Do We Attract?
The Agrion network is restricted to decision-makers, industry leaders, and established professionals with interest and influence in the energy and sus­tainability industries. Agrion vets every profile upon creation to ensure that all users are high level and bring value to our communities. As of June 2012, the Agrion network includes over 200,000 members.
Create your profile on
6.  AGRION Membership

The creation of a profile and use of the network of contacts is free.  Other services, including conferences, online events, reports and board membership are paid. Please contact for East Coast U.S. Membership and for West Coast U.S. Membership. 
Gold Membership ($20,703) grants access to all services online and all onsite conferences for all employees of the same company or legal entity.  Gold Membership also includes three free passes to all AGRION international summits.
Silver Membership ($6,901) grants access to all online services including webinars, reports, and board membership as well as all onsite conferences for up to five employees of the same company or legal entity.*  Silver Membership also includes one free pass to all AGRION international summits. 
Bronze Membership ($4,841) grants access to all online services including webinars, reports, and board membership but not onsite meetings for up to five employees of the same company or legal entity.*
* If you have chosen the Silver or Bronze Membership please list designated users of Agrion’s service. The membership is valid for a maximum of 5 users from your company/legal entity.
7. Contact an AGRION Office

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