Urban Evolutions: Electric Vehicles and Smart Grid Acceleration & The Smart Cities of Tomorrow

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The Smart Cities of Tomorrow


By 2050, over 70% of the world’s population is expected to be living in a city. In addition to a booming world population that just surpassed 7 billion, more and more people are moving into cities from the countryside, a trend that, in 2008, resulted in over 50% of the world's population being concentrated in cities for the first time in human history, according to the UN. While many people still think of cities as polluted, crime-riddled population hubs, what most people do not realize is that cities are actually some of the greenest places to live in the world. Not only is a carbon footprint of a city dweller significantly smaller than that of their countryside counterpart, but cities also offer a  unique setting for resources, people, opportunities and ideas to converge and spur new avenues of innovation, technology and thought. To match this impending social evolution, there will need to be an equally worthy technological evolution in urban infrastructure to compliment it.


It is expected that the cities of tomorrow will evolve into highly efficient, highly technical habitats for large populations. The infrastructure necessary for this will include a range of technologies from BIPV skyscrapers to personalized public transportation systems, to sustainable green spaces, to sewage and water treatment and reclamation infrastructure- just to name a few. These new technologies will all need an efficient and effective smart grid infrastructure. Smart grids across the globe have already helped cities in substantial ways. In Madrid, emergency response teams have had their response times cut by up to 25% due to smart grid technology. In the Pacific Northwest, IBM smart grid technology has helped cut home energy consumption by 15%. Data sensors tied into the grid along the Hudson River in NYC have helped engineers streamline water management solutions. Tomorrow’s grid will do much more.


As metropolises evolve, the smart city characteristics of the grid will move beyond simple energy efficiency, and will be gateways into human efficiency. Our panel will will take a closer look at the recent evolution of the smart grid and how cities are taking advantages of those new technologies to increase sustainability and quality of life for its inhabitants.



 Potential Discussion Topics:

                   Evaluating the Current Smart City Landscape

§  What are the cutting edge, innovative technologies and planning strategies being put in place in today’s smart cities?

§  What markets effect and are directly effected by smart city development?

§  How are municipal governments and local agencies incorporating smart city planning into their agendas?

§  What market value have these investments created for business?

                   Future Smart City Development

§  What are the near term plans for smart city development?

§  What tools are available to municipal governments to implement smart city strategies?

§  What markets and industries stand to gain from smart city developemtns?

o   How can they nurture smart city industry development?

o   What investments are immediately available for smart city interests?

o   What can companies expect from the smart city market in the future?

§  What are the financial business obstacles that are in the way of these future developments?

Panel Speakers: Meet the Panel
NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS), Ariella Maron, Chief Energy Management Officer
3EThink, Tom Glendening, Principal
Terreform ONE, Maria Aiolova, Co-President
The Beautiful Earth Group, Lex Heslin, President & CEO
Moderator: GreenOrder, an LRN Advisory Group, Michael Ellis, Principal
For more information and if you are interested in speaking, please contact: josh.soble@agrion.org
11:30 - 12:15

Networking Lunch 

12:15 - 1:45


Electric Vehicles and Smart Grid Acceleration 

A growing body of research and demonstration projects can attest to the transformative potential of Electric Vehicles to enhance the smart grid. It could do so namely by regulating energy consumption and eliminating clean energy waste through acting as both a generator during peak load and as storage during off-peak load. The enhancement of advanced metering and demand response capabilities that Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology promises implies not only a change to the face of the smart grid but also the promise of cost-savings and revenue creation for consumers. In this meeting we discuss the synergies that exist between EV’s, the smart grid and New York City grid and ways of mobilizing the utilities, fleets, technology companies and building managers to fulfill them.


Regulatory Policy

-What is your definition of the smart grid and what symbiotic opportunities exist in its integration with EV’s? What can the smart grid do for the EV and vice versa?

-Should charging infrastructure be offered by private companies or the utility? If it done through private companies, how can disintermediation be addressed?

-What structures are considered most popular and what are the best proposed ways of standardizing rate programming with the RTO’s and ISO’s?

-What are the ways that the ‘Pittock Problem’ can be avoided (the utility supporting multiple systems)?

-What utility initiatives are in place to encourage EV integration with smart grid technology?


Financing and Technology

-What are the technological hurdles involved with a secure integration of EV’s to the smart grid?

-How much extra capacity is needed for a mass rollout?

-What goes into calculating ROI apart from fuel savings?

-What would be considered near-term wins?

Watson R. Collins
Northeast Utilities, Watson R. Collins III, Manager, Business Development
Neil Zeller
Clean Vehicle Solutions LLC, Neil Zeller, Co-Founder
Mateo Chaskel
Urban Green Energy, Mateo Chaskel, Assistant Vice President
Scott Baker
PJM Interconnection, Scott Baker, Business Solutions Engineer
Michael Mahan
GE Energy, Michael Mahan, Product Manager, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
Anthony Barna
Moderator: ConEdison, Anthony Barna, Research and Development Engineer
More TBA For more information and if you are interested in speaking, please contact: pamela.jao@agrion.org 

1:45 - 2:15
2:30 - Roundtable Close 


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