Solar Strategic Board Meeting

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 9:30am- 12:30pm ET

Meeting in New York



In this meeting, our Strategic Board Members will meet to discuss technological innovation and financing trends in the solar sector, the biggest challenges to project development in the near future and ways of overcoming them.


This meeting is open to Board Members only.



Henry Labalme, Tioga Energy, Director of East Coast Operations

Bruno Mejean, BJM Solar Energy Finance, President

Peter Fusaro, Global Change Associates Inc., Chairman

Michael Hidary, Samba Energy, President

Barry Korn, Barrett Capital Corporation, Managing Director

Joshua Giordano, Energistics, Managing Director




Liste des intervenants
Henry Labalme
Tioga Energy, Inc.
E. Coast Sales
Barry Korn
Barrett Capital Corporation
Managing Director
Michael Hidary
Samba Energy
Managing Director
Joshua Giordano
Energistics LLC
Managing Director
Bruno Mejean
BJM Solar Energy Capital