Smart Grid: Strategic Partnerships and M&A

Wednesday April 27, 2011, 9:00am - 12:00pm ET

Meeting in New York


ABB, Gary Rackliffe, Vice President of Smart Grid Development  

Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Riaz Ladhabhoy, Director, Cleantech Investment Banking 

EnerNOC, Jeff Renaud, Director of Corporate Development

IBM, Mozhi Habibi, Strategy Manager, Global Energy and Utilities Strategy and Solutions (Moderator)

Schneider Electric, Scott Henneberry, Vice President, Smart Grid Strategy 

Verizon, Rilck G. Noel, Vice President of Global Energy and Utilities 



Smart Grid M&A activity has surpassed other sectors in the cleantech industry with over 70 deals in 2010 alone. The smart grid space is characterized by its dynamic nature and high growth potential, fitting IT systems/software, networks, and distribution hardware on top of grid infrastructure.   A ven-diagram of interconnected markets, network nodes, and applications, the Smart Grid sector is ripe for consolidation and partnerships.


In this current innovation bubble, how can new technologies seek partnerships and strategic exits with established corporations? How do established electricity providers and industry incumbents build a diverse and complementary suite of offerings via M&A?


Smart Grid Market and Trends: Right Place, Right Time

  • Key motivators for M&A in the Smart Grid sector (providing utilities with fully-integrated offerings, increased compliance, reliability, lowered costs, synergies, etc.)?
  • What technologies and applications constitute the next wave of M&A opportunity in the smart grid arena?  Why? How does the M&A landscape differ in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets?
  • How will/would the adoption of IP standards affect M&A activity?
  • What are the benefits of M&A for the ratepayer? How will the synergy advantages be shared?
  • What traditionally peripheral or overlooked markets have gained appeal on the smart grid radar?
  •  How does the integration of renewables create opportunites for partnerships and M&A?
  • How does the regulatory environment and regulatory approvals affect industry deals, in the USA and beyond? 

Spotlighting Market Segments 

  • Market Consolidation in Demand Response: What is the driver for building control giants to integrate DR technologies into their mix of capabilities (increased automation, sophistication of offerings)? How will the ingress of building control incumbents rock the smart grid market?  How will the race for OpenADR affect DR consolidation?
  •  Home Energy Management, Smart Meters, and HANs: Are these the "low hanging fruit" of smart grid M&A? How do we identify and capitalize on opportunities in the residential network/market?  
  •  Grid Analytics and Data Management: How will M&A help utilities and corporations manage and utilize the onslaught of data?
  • Telecom/Smart Grid Alliances: What M&A activity has ocurred at the juncture of smart grid networks and telecommunications providers?  

M&A Strategies and Best Practices

  • As a start-up, how do you market yourself to draw appeal from larger companies or venture funds?
  • What are the approaches for obtaining maximum valuation?
  • Examples of sucessful vertical integration M&A? Successful horizontal mergers?
  • What are the most advantageous financing models for smart grid M&A?
  • How do acquirers avoid the equity premium puzzle?
  • How does improved economies of scale impact M&A decisions? Economies of scope?
  • How does one determine the right ownership model and proper governance structures?
  • What role does direct foreign investment play and what effects can it have on value creation and distribution?
  • How does one effectively evaluate potential strategic partners? Speak to the importance of a shared vision and methodology and the absence of product overlap. How does one navigate and negotiate the terms of such partnerships?
  • How much more M&A activity and industry consolidation should be expected before I.P.O. activity picks up?  

Meet the Panel 


9:00am - Networking/Breakfast/Introductions

9:30am- Panel Discussion Begins

11:30am- Panel Discussion Ends; Q&A

12:00pm- End of Meeting 


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