Capturing Hidden Value Potential in Demand Response & Energy Efficiency Markets

22 May 2013 Wednesday 9:30am - 12:30pm EST

Meeting in New York


Firms working in efficiency and demand response, including building managers, utilities, and vendors of hardware and software, are experiencing a changing business landscape that brings both challenge and opportunity.  Industry paradigms are shifting such that it is no longer adequate to view sustainability through the lens of societal benefits alone. Multiple drivers dictate that increased business value is available through smart approaches to projects in efficiency, and demand response. Although the opportunity in these markets is clear and desired outcomes for building owners, utilities, and government agencies are not in question, the complex markets structured to motivate action make monetizing this value a complicated proposition. The result is often money left on the table and desired outcomes for all stakeholders not achieved. For firms serving the needs of this market, questions remain:
  • Where does DR figure in the cash flow picture of these projects?
  • Is R &D required to develop technologies to unlock market potential or do the primary barriers lie in market frictions/failures?
  • How do future trends dictate change…. and opportunity for those nimble enough to develop new strategies?
  • If the value proposition is clear (or intended to be), where is the information that people need in order to make sound business decisions? 
  • When financing is a critical requirement for projects to move forward, why are few private sector sources available? Who is comfortable assessing the revenue/risk profile in these projects? Is it necessary for state green banks to stop in?
A number of companies are looking at ways to incorporate this value into strategies for customer acquisition/retention, product/business development, and better ways to serve customer needs.
Come hear the perspective of innovators and analysts in this market as they discuss the opportunities in this growing and shifting business environment.


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