Driving Sustainability Across the Supply Chain

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010, 11:30am - 3:30pm EST

Meeting in New York

Corporate social responsibility and energy efficiency, as part of the triple bottom line, are concepts that have gained popularity and prevalence across the corporate landscape. Motivated by optimizing performance, streamlining efficiencies, and keeping in step with shifting corporate attitudes, companies are embracing sustainable practices to win in the balance sheets as well as in the environment. In this discussion, we examine the mechanisms of a corporate sustainable supply chain (CSSC) from initial evaluation and planning, to negotiating supply chain partnerships, life cycle analysis and improvement strategies, and lastly tracking and visibility tools that ensure execution of a successful initiative.


11:30am:    Reception, Networking and Lunch

12:15pm:    Welcome and Introduction

12:30pm:    Panel Discussion Begins


1.    Leaning and Greening the Supply Chain

  • What are the demonstrated rewards of instituting sustainable supply chain initiatives? What challenges exist and what are established benchmarks?
  • Which stops along the supply chain offer easiest integration of procedural and organizational restructuring into existing daily operations? Which steps can be eliminated altogether?
  • What existing regulations apply to sustainable supply chains and how can companies stay ahead of future legislation enforcing green practices?


2.    From Supply Chain to Value Chain

  • What are the identifiers in a LCA that signal the need for product redesign? How does product use and the product’s recycle value figure into the LCA equation?
  • What are effective ways to collaborate with suppliers for sustainable sourcing and improving procurement strategies? How can product traceability be implemented?
  • How can cost and energy use be reduced in the areas of:
        - distribution and storage
        - inventory management
        - sustainable packaging
  • To what extent is reverse logistics a viable solution to maintaining the green vision of a CSSC?
  • Where does the accountability lie in low-impact or eco-friendly product disposal?


3.    End-to-End Tracking Methods

  • What technologies and software provide end-to-end visibility in the supply chain for energy efficiency, resource consumption, and waste production monitoring?
  • What are solutions and techniques for accurate and timely data collection across supply chain operations? What is the role and value of corporate sustainable reporting?
  • How can companies set and measure KPI’s, and monitor areas of value creation across the breadth of the chain?


2:00pm:    End of Panel Discussion: Q&A, Networking

3:30pm:    End of Conference



Bloomberg LP, Lee Ballin, Office of Sustainability
CSRware, Karen Alonardo, Founder and CEO
Columbia University, Professor Steven Cohen, Director of M.S. in Sustainability and Management
Steelcase, Mary Ellen Mika, Supply Chain Manager



Great Forest, Anna Dengler, Director of Sustainability


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Location and Directions:

Alfred Lerner Hall, Room C555 at Columbia University, 2920 Broadway, New York 10027 

Public transportation: Take the 1 to 116th Street Station


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