Update on China’s New Carbon Trading Scheme

September 25: 9.30am - 10.30am Central European Time; 3.30pm-4.30pm China Standard Time



The city of Shenzhen has become the test spot as China’s first carbon trading scheme in attempts to curb their greenhouse gas emissions. The scheme attempts to put a price on externalities, to make companies pay to pollute and be rewarded for reducing emissions in their supply chain. After opening the market on July 1, how effective has it been? Other instruments have also been implemented by the government, such as “Compulsory Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance” ensuring that companies can pay for potential environmental damage. How effective have these been?


  • International Emissions Trading Association (IETA): Jeff Swartz, Director, International Policy
  • Verified Carbon Standard: Zhuli Hess, China Director

For more information or to request to join the panel, please contact Seline.yin@agrion.org in China 

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