Turning Sewage into Energy: Cellulose Extraction from Wastewater

Wednesday, May 9th, 8:00-9:00am San Francisco / 11:00am-12:00pm New York / 5:00-6:00pm Paris and Frankfurt

 Applied CleanTech offers a unique technology for the treatment of waste water which enables WWTPs to significantly reduce the high treatment costs including sludge removal and disposal and electricity consumption. In addition, Applied CleanTech increases the facility's capacity for incoming solids. The ACT system enables a significant reduction in the amount of sludge created in the treatment process by over 45%, an increase of the WWTP capacity by over 20% and a reduction of the energy consumption and the polymers consumption. It also enables a reduction of accompanying odor problems during the treatment process and an improvement in general plant maintenance.


The technology makes the biological process of the WWTP more efficient by removing specific elements from the waste water which inhibit the digesting process. The uniqueness of the solution provided by Applied CleanTech is in the ability to avoid the creation of sludge by removing these elements from the waste water instead of the usual process which turns these elements into sludge. Applied CleanTech's process includes the recycling of the elements separated from the waste water into commodity products such as recycled pulp (cellulose). In addition, the entire operation is entitled to Quality of Environment stock due to the reduction of GHG emissions and use of alternative fuel (CDM).
Intervenants :
  •  Applied Cleantech; Dr. Refael Aharon, CEO


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