Creative Solutions to Offshore Wind Energy Challenges: Two Belgian Projects

Thursday, June 14th, 6:00-7:00am San Francisco / 9:00am-10:00pm New York / 3:00-4:00pm Paris and Frankfurt

Join us to learn how two Belgian projects have addressed the most difficult challenges in offshore wind production. We will consider case studies from: 

The Offshore Wind Infrastructure lab (OWI-Lab):

The ‘OWI-LAB’ aims to increase the reliability and efficiency of offshore wind farms by investing in state-of-the art testing and monitoring equipment that can help the industry in reaching these goals:
  • Wind resource monitoring, mapping and modelling (stationary and floating LIDAR)
  • Accelerated lifetime testing of wind turbine components (test facility with large climate chamber)
  • Machine condition monitoring and structural health monitoring (monitoring hardware and software implemented on offshore wind turbines & dedicated measurement campaigns)
  • Operations and maintenance strategy (O&M-tool)
The ‘OWI-LAB’ is a Belgian research and development initiative initiated by leading wind energy players (3E, GeoSea-Deme, ZF Wind Power, and CG Power Systems)
Power (Production Optimization and Wind Energy Reliability):
POWER aims to develop a system optimizing reliability, availability and production of any kind of windturbines by working on parameters that don’t touch the machine design. Instead, it uses many kinds of measurements (production, weather, vibrations on gearbox, generator, bearings, and online oil analysis) and considers the windturbine as one machine with all of its components to develop advanced analysis tools and new sensors.
The “Power” project is a Belgian research and development initiative initiated by leading wind energy players (Maintenance Partners, two other companies and three universities)


Intervenants :
  • Renewable Energy Club; François de Hemptinne, Manager
  • Owi-Lab; Pieter-Jan Jordaens, Project Leader Sustainability, Sirris
  • P.O.W.E.R; Philippe Mol, Project Engineer, Maintenance Partners
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