Forecasting Energy Savings in Building Retrofits

Wednesday, September 28, 2011, 8:30am San Francisco / 11:30am New York / 5:30pm Paris and Frankfurt

According to Pike Research, energy efficiency retrofits in commercial buildings “can provide energy savings from 10% to more than 50%.” Private commercial buildings make up a majority of the market potential and while there are barriers to penetrating these existing markets, research groups anticipate rapid growth starting in 2014. On September 28th, 2011 we will discuss the building retrofit market while highlighting and instilling practical knowledge about energy analysis, developing accurate project savings quotes, and understanding the barriers in creating a replicable and sustainable process for appraisals.




1.       Energy Analysis & Data

  • Who spearheads building analysis? The ESCO, lender, building owner or an outside objective party?
  • What are the tools and information necessary to complete an energy analysis?
  • A recurring theme in the discussion of building retrofit barriers is the current lack of data. What is necessary in order for building owners to make their data readily available to third parties?


2.       Project Appraisals & Obtaining Lenders Trust


  • How does an appraiser calculate projected savings? Is there a regulated process for projected savings and energy analysis? Overview of current methodologies for energy analysis and building retrofit appraisals.
  • Which procedures do lenders rely on to conduct energy analysis? Is trust a barrier for unregulated appraisal process?
  • What entity should/is working on a “seal of approval” for energy analysis? How would a seal of approval and regulation affect the retrofit market?
  • What is the percent of savings that constitute building retrofit project execution? Is there a safe/industry standard percent of projected savings?


3.       Creating a Sustainable and Systematic Process


  • What is needed in order to create a process that can be replicated for consistent energy analysis and projected project savings?  
  • Will a systematic and regulated process for project appraisals break down the barriers to reaching the market potential Pike Research has anticipates?


National Institute of Building Sciences, Richard Paradis, Director-Whole Buiding Design Guide

Metrus Energy, Sam Lines, Project Development Director


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