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Europe, a society without waste. Possibility or utopia?

Jeudi 26 février 2015, 9h30 à 11h00

Réunion en ligne

Recently, the EU Environment Commissioner, Janesz Potocnik, proposed to "make Europe a society without waste". This proposal is part of the Commission’s new targets for waste management in Europe. The updated directives (Waste Framework Directive, Landfill Directive, Packaging Directive)  commit national governments to recycling or reusing 50% of household waste by 2020 , recycling at least 80% of packaging by 2030 and completely banning sending to landfill waste that could have been recycled (such as plastics, paper, metals, glass and biodegradable waste).


The measures, based on the principles of a circular economy, would enable a more competitive Europe, reduce its demand for costly scarce resources and create new jobs. The increasing degree of consumer awareness and extended producer responsibility require focusing on reusing, recycling and repairing products and materials instead of throwing these away. Consequently moving to a circular economy is not only possible, it is indispensable and also profitable. 


However, critics say these measures are not enough, that going beyond the 2020 target will be a significant challenge. Waste is an issue that affects the society as a whole and despite the fact that its prevention and management have become top European priorities, much remains to be done. The amount of waste produced in Europe is still increasing yet resources to support this growth in consumption are scarcer than ever. Waste standards across Europe are very different from one member state to the other and public incentives are often not sufficient.


In this webinar we will discuss the possibilities for a waste free European society, the challenges to meet this ambitious goal in terms of implementation and standardization, business opportunities (recycling, eco-design and packaging, life-cycle approach, energy recovery…) and consumer behavior.

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5 personnes sont présentes à cette réunion, parmi lesquelles :
Léon Grosse
Responsible for the Research and Development division
Sustainable sourcing director
Project manager
Quality and Sustainability Manager (France / Benelux / Switzerland)
Responsable Pôle energie et smart cities
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Liste des intervenants
Adam Read
Ricardo AEA
Practice Director - Resource Efficiency & Waste Management
James Baird