Taskforce Meeting: Microgrid Demonstration Project

Thursday, September 27, 2012, 9:00am - 12:00pm PDT

Meeting in San Francisco


Microgrid projects often show much promise, but many do not come to fruition. Utilities, such as PG&E, are much more likely to consider a microgrid project if a group of companies join efforts to develop a unified microgrid with most of the key components (e.g. various renewable energy sources; alternative storage capabilities, CHP, plug-and-play capability, smart meters, DSM, Building Management, EVs, local weather forecasting). Even better, if the demonstration project has the necessary funding in place. This meeting will be an open discussion of alternatives for microgrid demonstration projects (e.g. hospital, military, college campus), with the objective of developing a viable microgrid "proof-of-concept" to propose to a California electric utility.



Questions to be asked will include:

    -Where will the demonstration project be located?

    -Who will fund the demonstration project?

    -Who will manage the demonstration project?

    -Who will operate the demonstration project?

    -Who will assume liability if people or property are harmed?

    -How does this project address the utility’s goals?

    -Should a non-utility be targeted instead, such as a hospital, military site, or university?

    -Who has to be convinced internally that this addresses company goals?








Morrison & Foerster, Clare Badaracco, Of Counsel

Siemens, John Benson, Product Manager, Infrastructure & Cities

Morrison & Foerster, Theresa Cho, Of Counsel

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), Dave Erickson, Regulatory Analyst

PG&E, Dave Fribush, Manager, Battery Storage Systems 

GRIDiant, Richard Hammond, SVP Policies & Regulatory Affairs

Smart Grid Library, Christine Hertzog, Managing Director  

UC Berkeley Extension, Michael Hsieh, Smart Grid Instructor

NEDO, Aya Iwasuji, Policy and Industrial Researcher

Trilliant, Sonita Lontoh, Head of Corporate Marketing  

Viridity Energy, Laura Manz, SVP, Western Region

SK Telecom Americas, Laura Meadors, Cleantech Director

Trilliant, Jessica Obeid, State Dept's TechWomen/CEDRO 

Silver Spring Networks, Nisha Sant, Strategy & Corporate Development Analyst

Xtreme Power, Eric Stallings, VP Business Development

Xtreme Power, Amanda Stevenson-Brown, Director, Market Policy & Regulatory Affairs, West

Versant, Bert Taube, Director of Business Development

Horizon Energy Group, John Westerman, Vice President

Aclara, Andy Zetlan, Vice President, Business Development and Regulatory







Morrison & Foerster, Melissa Ruth, Business Development Manager

Morrison & Foerster, Heather Haney, Cleantech Program Manager


Liste des intervenants
Cal Broomhead
San Francisco Dept of Environment
Climate and Energy Programs Manager
Laura Meadors
SK Telecom Americas
Director, SK Telecom GridMaven Utility Solutions
Amanda Stevenson-Brown
Xtreme Power Inc.
Vice President, Policy & Regulatory Affairs
Eric Stallings
Xtreme Power
VP Business Development Northeast
Sonita Lontoh
Head of Corporate Marketing
Michael Hsieh
UC Berkeley Extension
Christine Hertzog
Smart Grid Library
Managing Director
Richard E Hammond
GRIDiant Corporation
SVP Govt & Regulatory
David Fribush
Manager, Battery Storage Integration
Bert Taube
Versant Corporation
Director of Energy and Smart Grid Solutions
John Benson
Product Manager
Dave Erickson
CA Public Utilities Commission
Theresa Cho
Morrison & Foerster LLP
Of Counsel
Clare Badaracco
Morrison & Foerster LLP
Andrew Zetlan
Vice President