EcoDistricts Charette

Tuesday, August 7, 2012, 9:00am-10:00am PDT

Meeting in San Francisco

The upcoming EcoDistricts (Half Day Conference) is the first installment of a two part series where we will discuss the future of energy distribution, production and consumption in cities and regions around the world.  The day will consist of three moderated panel discussions, two presentations, and a keynote address. The discussion topics will cover 1) EcoDistrict Design and Green Building 2) Energy: Generation/ Distribution/Storage and 3) Empowering Citizens and Engaging Corporations.  The intended outcome will be to gain greater insight toward overcoming the barriers that can hinder this type of urban development.


Because of the necessary cross-sector collaboration needed for the development of an eco-district, we hope to develop this meeting with the input of an EcoDistrict Charette.   The purpose of this group will be to provide insight on the key questions that should be asked and the right people to answer them.  


A charette is a team effort of design professionals for brainstorming solutions to a problem in a given amount of time.  Our charette will be a great opportunity for cross-communication among the different industries and sectors involved in the building and planning of our city.


Confirmed attendees of the planning charette include:

·         Networker: Agrion

·         Financial Institution: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Joe Osha, Managing Director - Alternative Energy Research

·         Financial Institution: Citigroup, Alexa Leon-Prado, Managing Director - Global Head of Cleantech

·         Law Firm: Morrison Foerster: Jennifer Jeffers - Associate & Melissa Ruth - Business Development Manager

·         Architects/Engineering: Perkins & Will, Gerry Tierney - Sr. Associate and Sr. Project Manager

·         Designer: Frog Design, James Cortese, Director of Communications

·         Construction: Webcor Builders, Megan White, Assistant Sustainability Manager


San Francisco is the perfect venue to host this meeting.  In the city there are the planners, builders, citizens and legislators that are eager to witness this type of development.  In reality, there are many hurdles to large-scale project development and this meeting aims to focus on the financing, legislative, and planning barriers to adoption.


This meeting will be a success when the right topics and speakers are identified for the conference on September 25th.  



Hosted By:  

Agrion LLC - 5 Third Street, 2nd Floor Conference Room, San Francisco, CA 94103