Agrion is the global business network on subjects in energy and sustainability. With offices in Paris, Brussels, New York and San Francisco, it assembles leading companies committed to act, innovate and streamline energy and sustainability industries and move them forward. 


AGRION provides a platform for decision-making members to connect, exchange ideas and identify business opportunities.


With more than 500 member-organizations (public and private) and a community of 200 000 professionals, AGRION is open to all trades: sustainability, procurement, marketing and communication, strategy, energy, policy and corporate affairs departments …





Agrion has several adapted formats to enable exchanges, increase synergies and highlight concrete feedback: task forces, roundtable conferences, webinars and evening events.






A Task Force assembles a small working group of decision-makers of equivalent level, targeted on the basis of their expertise on a given subject and who share related concerns and interests. The goal is to build on current specific business topics. It remains prospective but tangible and it is a unique tool to assemble a community of decision-makers from companies and European institutions around a concrete and federating project.


The 10-20 subject leaders are convening about four times per year to discuss solutions, deliver an in-depth and factual analysis, put forward recommendations and produce a final work paper.


The final work paper includes conclusions of main issues and thought leadership that emerged during the discussions in the form of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). This will further contribute to providing concrete guidance to everyday business challenges. Each onsite meeting corresponds to one chapter of the final paper which will be shared with the entire AGRION community at a final event/conference.  


Agrion’s task forces program for 2014/2015 (Brussels and Paris):


  • Carbon Footprint across the Retail Sector
  • Sustainable Buildings in Europe
  • Big Data in Energy Utilities/ Transformation Digitale dans l’Énergie
  • Reporting RSE
  • Marketing Responsable
  • Engagement Sociétal Achats Responsables
  • Smart Cities et Objets Connectés
  • Stockage de l’Énergie


 *This list is subject to change depending on demands from our network





Our classic onsite and online roundtable conferences are open to a wider, unlimited participation in order to maintain the mix of perspectives, views and ideas which constitutes the strength of our network. AGRION is hosting around 30 workshops and webinars over the period of September 2014 through June 2015.


The programme is available on our website on the following page:





AGRION organizes prestigious events 4 to 5 times per year giving the opportunity to AGRION members to meet each other in a friendly environment, favourable to informal networking.  These evening events bring together a high-level audience of around 100 professionals from top French and international companies involved in energy and sustainability.






A networking tool


The website provides an international platform for online exchanges. Professionals can create their profile, identify and manage contacts and connect with similar profiles around the world for business lead generation. Today more than 30 000 people are registered.



A registration platform


AGRION’s website is a unique tool that enables you to join upcoming roundtable conferences, webinars or task forces in Brussels, Paris, New York and San Francisco (topics, people attended etc.) and gain visibility on event pages.



A documentary database


From 2007 onwards, each AGRION event gives rise to a written report and/or a video. Specialized publications are also available. Our members have unlimited access to all of our documents regardless the country.  



Create your profile on



AGRION Membership


Creating a profile and using the contacts network is free.  Participating in conferences, webinars, task force and downloading reports, are paying services.



Bronze Membership (€ 3,000 before tax - annually) grants access to a specific task force. As its goal is to build strong and consistent relationships within a homogenous group of selected high level members, AGRION reserves its right to select the task force members according to their profile. The Bronze membership also includes unlimited access to all of our onsite meetings and all online services around the world.


Silver membership (€ 5,580 before tax - annually) grants access to 5 AGRION task forces for up to 5 employees of a same company or legal entity. The membership also includes unlimited access to all onsite meetings and all online services around the world. 


Gold Membership 

(€16,742 before tax - annually) grants access to all online services and all onsite conferences for all employees of the same company or legal entity. The membership includes all of the task forces, all onsite meetings and events and all online services around the world.


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