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Strategy & Leadership

AGRION Speakeasy: 30 years in the Solar Industry with Terry Jester

Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 6:00pm-8:00pm PDT

The AGRION Speakeasy is an off-the-record conversation with a leader from the Energy and Corporate Sustainability field. The backdrop for these events will be intimate locations within classic Bay Area drinking establishments.


On Wednesday, July 11th, come join us as we hear from Terry Jester, the CEO of Silicor Materials, as she shares stories where the solar industry has been, where it's going, and other insights from her decades long career in the solar industry. This will be an off-the-record, non-streamed event. Space is limited so sign-up today; once you are registered the name of the downtown San Francisco location will be sent to you.





  Silicor Materials

  Terry Jester, CEO







Terry Jester, a 30-year veteran of the solar industry, joined Silicor Materials in 2010 following her active involvement in the company as Entrepreneur in Residence at Hudson Clean Energy. She has extensive experience in the manufacturing and engineering of photovoltaics and led efforts to ramp up manufacturing operations to full production for a variety of photovoltaic technologies including silicon cell-based photovoltaics. Ms. Jester has managed large solar operations and held engineering positions at SoloPower, SunPower, SolarWorld, Siemens, Arco and Shell. She holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University Northridge..




In partnership with UBIFRANCE - French Cleantech Tour, our Solar Community is proud to welcome a delegation of French Startups in the Silicon Valley:




  Bertrand Heilbronn, General Director






Solarforce has developed a disruptive process to manufacture high quality thin silicon wafer for PV industry that allows 50% reduction on wafer cost. This is a major manufacturing technology breakthrough that can lead to 20% reduction of PV module production cost. Solarforce is a VC backed company that has received 8M€ in financing since 2006, largely from private investors.Today, the team counts 15 PhD, engineers and technicians, all highly qualified, fully committed to take the company to the next stage of development and to success.






  Julien Sylvestre, President







Founded in 2009 and based in France, PhotoFuel sells and develops a portfolio of innovative technologies and materials for the clean industries. The company's products and technologies enable its customers and partners to improve the efficiency and profitability of their own systems with no modification of their production or manufacturing processes.






  Gérard Baumann, Sales Manager



By installing floating aquatic photovoltaic power stations in artificial ponds, Osesol is offering a revolutionary energy solution that is both sustainable and economical. Faced with today’s presure caused by an exponential increase in energy needs, sustainable development and the production of renewable energy, the OSERIS company, which is a pioneer in photovoltaics, is offering via its subsidiary, OSESOL, the original and innovative new concept of a floating aquatic photovoltaic power station that is economical, environmentally friendly and adaptable.





  NTI Guadeloupe

  Thierry Noglotte, Managing Director





NTI Guadeloupe is a ten year old IT company. Our main activities are automation and CAX solutions. We are working on the monitoring of BIPV systems, and we develop a device that allows an energy overproducing building from solar energy.



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