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Mobility And Electric Vehicle

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Emerging Modes of Personal Transportation
We had a lively and informative expert panel discussion on Oct. 22nd in San Francisco. See this link for the overview: We'll be having a task force meeting in late January to explore the possibility of a public-private collabo ...
VantagePoint Venture Partners to Discuss State of V2G Market
Mark Plashton with VantagePoint Venture Partners is joining the panel for the Agrion event "V2G Update: Charging Station Networks, Battery Capability, and EVs" in Palo Alto, Feb 9 -
Deutsche Bank Predicts Affordable EVs by 2020
A dramatic drop in lithium-ion battery prices when combined with a rise in gasoline fuel costs will make electric vehicles an affordable transportation option by 2020, says Deutsche Bank in a new study, "The End of the Oil Age - 2011 and beyond: a re ...
The GE Show: All About EVs
GE has launched a very engaging online experience, "The GE Show," featuring slick videos and gaming elements about electric vehicles. The site includes an interactive Google map calculator to help determine if an electric vehicle may more appropriate ...
SoCal Edison Launches Website for EV Owners
The California utility has launched a website chock full of information and resources for consumers looking to purchase or already own plug-in vehicles. The site even includes a tool to calculate how much money consumers could save with one of the c ...
Frito-Lay Rolls Out All-Electric Delivery Trucks in NYC
The company aims to have 176 electric trucks on the road over the next year, avoiding consumption of 500,000 gallons of fuel a year!